Indiepocalypse 37

Indiepocalypse #37

Cover – Mart (tumblr)
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

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Endless Ruin Chapter I: Toward The Endless Ruin (WIN/MAC/Linux/Browser) by Isobel Bess

Toward The Endless Ruin is the first installment in a series of music videogames about a cult of cartographers attempting to map the Endless Ruin in order to reveal the underlying nature of reality.

Currents (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Taylor Anderson

currents is a puzzle game about guiding ships on the open sea.

dodge rocks, swing on whirlpools, and outrun pirates, using only ocean currents.

(for added challenge, try to complete each level under par!)

Haram (WIN) by Stef Pinto

A short experimental walking simulator inspired by the transgressive photography of Andres Serrano.

Girlfriend Simulator (WIN/MAC/Linux) by ebi-hime

Girlfriend Simulator is an eerie, unsettling visual novel with multiple endings. Assume the role of Ayumu, a young man who's confined to bed in his apartment with an illness, and try to discern the true identity of the cute girl who's tending you.

Nagi says she's your girlfriend, but you have some doubts. If you really are a couple, then why can't you remember her?

Toe II Toe (WIN/MAC/Linux/Android) by Paolo Lazatin

Toe II Toe is a fast-paced mini fighting game in a retro gameboy style. You have your feet planted on the ground, ready for a slugfest. Punch, duck, or block your way to victory! Ready to go Toe to Toe?

something that feels like waiting (WIN/MAC/Linux) by rinkaku

something that feels like waiting is a short kinetic novel that tells the story of a lonely and 'failed' game developer waiting for the sky to clear up.

This project comes from months of reflection about game development, working with other people, friendship, & art, and it is composed of photographs that my girlfriend and I took over the last few months and mixed & edited sounds.

watering a flower (WIN) by lily belmira

watering a flower is a game about a young teenager speaking to an adult version of themself in a dream. I wrote it when I was 18, seeing myself as the adult at the time. Now I'm 24 and all I see is two kids, protecting and comforting each other through a time in my life that wasn't over yet. Take from it what you want.

My Angel Can’t Be This Beautiful (WIN/MAC/Browser) by Zedie and Awiola

You were always plagued by nightmares and were undeniably horny, but now you’re considered a pure soul??? And by a hot angel?!😳 Mercilessly tease your guardian angel in this 5-10 min game.

One Last Time (Physical) by Marn S.

One Last Time is a GM-less tabletop game meant to emulate video game boss rushes. Playing solo or with 1-2 friends, you will take on the role of the protagonist(s) to fight through the rush, defeat the final boss, and learn a little about yourself along the way. You'll use dice and an oracle deck to determine and overcome the enemies in your path, and spend downtime phases between runs playing out flashbacks of who your characters were before this fight and what they've been through to get here.

One Last Time is a hack of Time To Drop, and is designed to be played while listening to both History Repeating albums by The Megas. It includes six optional challenge modes.


Shrine Rally (WIN/Gameboy/Analogue Pocket) by nuttatulipa & Slothy

Team up with your student activist friend and a local shrine to fight against the gentrification on your campus or learn about your family’s past in a slight-of-life gameboy adventure “Shrine Rally”.