Indiepocalypse 9

Indiepocalypse #9

Cover – Shirley Jackson // LIONINTHETREES
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

  • Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.

The Light Prince (WIN) by Christina Nordlander

You are a young prince, cursed from birth with being as light as dandelion down. Taken from your homeland and locked in a tower by your godfather, you need to return home, while being perpetually on your guard against the danger posed by the slightest breeze. A fantasy text adventure.

Do I Pass? (Game Boy) by Taylor McCue

Do I Pass is a game where you play as a trans woman who is worried about if she passes or not. With the help of magic she becomes a ghost and peers into the minds of others to see what they really think.

Saving You From Yourself (WIN) by Taylor McCue

A game about gatekeeping for transgender women.

He Fucked the Girl Out of Me. (WIN) by Taylor McCue

Action Button = Space Bar
Movement = Arrow Keys
Trigger Warnings are listed in-game.

BBB: Boost Boom Boots (WIN/LINUX) by Darenn Keller and Joan Solroo

A fast-paced Cyber Retro Climber Runner for casuals and hardcore gamers. Winner of the score jam 9!

Door XP (WIN) by Darenn Keller and Joan Solroo

You're a hacker protecting systems before they go out of control. Your Controller? A command prompt of course!

Looking at The Fucked-Up Guy Looking at You (Physical) by Julian K. Jarboe

A short game about the slow influence of long relationships with those you hate.

novena (WIN/MAC/Browser) by Cecile Richard

novena is an award-winning short playable poem about the ocean, a bird, vulnerability, and perseverance.

Perfect Vermin (WIN) by Talia Mair and Angad Matharoo

It's not violence if they're vermin.
Your task is simple, exterminate all vermin. The sledge hammer you have been provided is capable of destroying almost all office appliances and furniture that may be uncooperative. Your time is running out.

I Was Always Filled With Anger (WIN) by Raphaël Dely, Axel Rannou & Max Romain

I Was Always Filled With Anger is short and moody walk to the sea. It's time to let go and gently faint in your reflection.


Eat-It-All (Physical) by arya & nestgoblin

we’re a group of hungry friends, ready to journey to the best buffet around: the eat-it-all. out on the strip by i-93, the eat-it-all has the most luxurious food selection anyone has ever seen. for only $10.99, it’s an absolute steal. the only snack we have is a big bag of rainbow fortune cookies from the last time we went, and it’s tradition to take turns eating and reading the fortunes while we walk. the fortunes always light the way to that glorious sushi french toast at the eat-it-all. yum!
eat-it-all is an improvisational storygame by arya & nestgoblin. it's designed for 2-6 people to play in the span of 30 minutes to a couple hours. there's no game master, just fortune cookies to inspire the journey. we hope you enjoy 🙂


is it that deep, bro? (WIN) by moawling & cavegift

"Is It That Deep, Bro?" is a short VN made for Robert Yang's 2019 Gay Western Jam. Navigate the headspace of a teenager trying to figure out if he's on a date with his best friend.


Sanguine Oblation (WIN) by CheezGarlick, Moumita, Vitor Amado, Jammmz

Where the dark is splattered sanguine
obscured light shall warm no thought


Professor Pemda's Puzzle Pyramid (WIN) by brook.p8

A perplexing twist on Sokoban puzzles, where the blocks are numbers and pushing them performs operations.