Indiepocalypse 27

Indiepocalypse #27

Cover – Natalie Wyatt-Aldana
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

  • Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.

The Parade (WIN/MAC) by Reshma Zachariah and Timofey Peshin

The Parade is a short, mystical experience about interacting with bodiless, mask wearing spirits on the night of a festival. Garner favor with spirits and they will follow you. Trade masks with spirits to craft new masks. Each mask has a story to tell.

glazkovia: a journey of the mind. (WIN/Linux(?)) by RanDevs Studios

Perfect recreation of sick girl's mind found it`s way out as a experimental adventure game. 


Cute and unique art-style;
Imaginary asylum exploration;
30-40 minutes gameplay;
Dive into lunatic mind;
No boundaries between monologues and dialogues;
20 min+ OST;
Suicidal milk!


GroundDoon - Gamedesign, Story, Code;
Astray - Art, Help with gamedesign and story;
Metkir - Sounddesign, Composer;
Misha Рейзер - Editor;
Christopher Creighton - Composer;
cyanscarf, TehLinku, magic.juice, SRFJack - English translation;
Special thanks: k4mikoto; Top4yshane; soul white; art.sidorov; kikia; stepway.

A Vacation in Nebula (WIN) by Frogge

A Vacation in Nebula is an atmospheric moodpiece about exploring a cosmic hotel to find seven suns. Take a short break from the stress of daily life to unwind in this digital vacation.

Flesh 4 Boy (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Sunny Evans

Your beautiful boy was generated without all the good stuff. Hopefully you can secure what you need to be a parent. Guts, specifically.

Marissa Is Now Idle (WIN) by Niandra

You are Annalise Baker, known in the MMO WarCore as Peony Everglim. After logging in, you find your interent friend Marissa sitting next to you and have one last conversation. 

However, one second in real life equals one minute in-game and when 6pm hits, WarCore will shut down, whether you've resolved your feelings or not.

Go Fly A Kite (WIN/MAC) by Digital Tchotchkes

A short, narrative game about going to fly a kite and what would bring someone to do such a thing.

RESYNC (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Ghast

After crash-landing on a structure orbiting a distant star, help the robotic explorers solve puzzles and uncover the true purpose of the mysterious outpost. RESYNC is a non-combative, thoughtful, puzzle platformer where you alter the paths of your past selves.

Good Day (WIN) by Gold Diggers (Rachel Li, Toby Do, Siyi Chen)

Meet your sugar daddy in a Chinese rice field themed casino and face your worst fears.

Nymph's Tower (WIN/MAC) by Toby Alden, John Thyer, Reshma Zachariah, John Bond, Muxer

An exploration platformer about scaling a tower and discovering its secrets.


Catacomb Creeper: Re-Vined Edition (WIN) by Breogan Hackett

A seed falls through the cracks, into the catacombs below, with little water and less light, how will it ever grow? 

Play as a plant in Catacomb Creeper: Re-Vined Edition and grow your way out of the catacombs collecting water to let you grow ever further.