Indiepocalypse 20

Indiepocalypse #20

Cover – Teal Sather 
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

  • Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.

Will Die Alone (WIN/MAC) by Arianna Ravioli

The first breakthrough for Alex came when her best friend Vince realized that some memories are not meant to be kept. The second coincided when she was hired by Dewitt Corp. On paper, the task is simple: to delete her clients’ painful memories so that they could be happy again. Her new job begins in two days. Alex will find herself lonely and in the middle of nowhere with an assignment that no one wants to do. She must make hard choices. Her entire world resides in her computer, but reality will keep intruding. All she can do is pray and hope that nothing bad will happen to her family while she is stuck in virtual hell. Will Die Alone is a journey through painful memories. It’s a game about loss, the role of the past, and possible futures. Every choice comes with a price. Will you be willing to pay?

Mind Psychometry (WIN/MAC/Browser) by Juniper-C

Mind Psychometry is a personality test designed by a dystopian HR department to coerce employees into signing away their freedom. Contains body horror, exploitation, and highly subjective poems.

Fuzz Dungeon (WIN) by Jeremy Couillard

The well back to your job has been absorbed inside a sasquatch sex amulet. Journey through 15 levels of absurdist human history to try and bring it back.

And Other Stories (WIN/Browser) by JohnLee CooperAustin Heller

And Other Stories is a mixed media mess of bitsy, unity, photography, sprite work, and more. Live through four stories at once, as the mind does, and watch as mysterious effects unfold in the margins.

Retromeme Generator (WIN/MAX) by Vector Hat


Anxietyware (Android*/WIN/MAC) by Kate Killick

*The game is designed for mobile
Think fast to beat the recurring nightmares in this collection of disturbing, quick-fire mini games.

- Glue your teeth together! 
- Escape that inexplicably fast rising tide!
- Don’t be naked at work!

Stakes and Strategy (Physical) by Jeremy Harper

A Lasers and Feelings hack about exploring the supernatural, fighting vampires and demons, and protecting your high school from whatever baddies that forsaken place attracts. Can you defeat the big bad and save your school? Find out in Stakes and Strategy!

A Twisted Place (WIN/Browser) by Volition Newlove

A Twisted Place is cosmic horror interactive fiction game built around self-loathing thoughts of unproductivity and uselessness. Content warning for self-loathing thoughts, discussion of suicide, and grief

Space Hop: EP. 1 (WIN) by Curryswirl

curry, the terrible
Space Hop: EP. 1 is the beginning of a kinetic visual novel about ambition, family, and weird little guys shooting rayguns. ye-rin and their co-hop annie are space hoppers, adventurers for hire, except in outer space.


oxalis (WIN) by 01010111

OXALIS is a virtual remote ranger application

Operators conduct various missions to determine optimal action sequences.