Indiepocalypse 18

Indiepocalypse #18

Cover – Rayne Klar (@smallsmallwitch)  
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

  • Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.

Museum of Memories (WIN) by Kate Smith, Kira Smith, and Caitlin Falls

Museum of Memories is a virtual art installation of computer-rendered objects holding sentimental value to real people.

I WAS HERE (WIN/MAC/LInux) by Kate Smith, Kira Smith, and Caitlin Falls

I WAS HERE is a narrative walking simulator about love, loss, and growing up.

Espectro City (WIN) by Makhor, Roxy, punstar, OtherThatGuy

Explore a desolate town full of ghosts through a Macintosh-inspired interface. Talk to the different locals and learn about the city's history in order to access the secret tavern. Learn about everyone's lives before the catastrophe struck, and enjoy a cup of coffee while you're at it. Have a nice day!


Follow the story of Nam, Dei and Astra as they feel (hit, fumble, fuck) their way through the city of Santiago de Chile.

Eternal Escape (WIN/MAC) by FelisArmis

Eternal Escape is a short interactive parable about acceptance.

Homerun Miko (WIN/MAC) by Chonkers HQ

Join Hanami and her fox-spirit guide Kousuke on an adventure to combine her passion with her duty and restore balance to the seasons! 

Use your trusty baseball bat, throwing arm, and spirit form to bonk snow spirits and solve puzzles. Talk to Kousuke for help and to learn more about the realm of spirits!

La forêt (WIN/MAC) by Supr Experience

A game inspired by Max Ernst's paintings about mysterious forest.

Family Dinner (WIN) by Tom

Family Dinner and Fireworks Night are a pair of interactive stories about a trans teen, and the two nights which will change his life forever.

hymn (WIN/MAC) by cecil choi

a short, personal piece about time travel.

A Garden On The Sea (WIN) by Finn Truong

A game about fear, about lost and about gardening in the middle of the ocean.



Paint Boi (WIN/MAC) by SlugHuman Productions (graphics and code by Aaron Taecker-Wyss, audio by bb Tombo)

a painting game/ art tool/ playground