Indiepocalypse 14

Indiepocalypse #14

Cover – Hayden Smith 
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

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Days Dark (WIN/MAC) by Nil Knight

Traverse through treacherous eastern land under a mad king’s rule as a forgotten matriarch.

An ode to the mothers of my family. Who carried us on their backs through decades of turmoil.

Donair Academy (WIN/MAC) by Chad Comeau

Donair Academy is the first educational computer game about the Halifax donair. Explore the historical, gastronomical, and acoustic dimensions of this celebrated Maritime dish.

Danger Zone Friends (WIN) by Alexandra Higgins

Danger Zone Friends is a JRPG about two roommates who find themselves trapped in a strange world with the Dairy Demon, Cheelzebub! Will they be able to survive the hazards of the underground world, return to the surface, and complete their shopping trip?

SkateRPG (WIN) by Daniel Dante

SkateRPG is a Skateboard RPG about making friends, learning skate tricks and killing rich people!

Ghost Story (WIN/Browser) by Nat Borcherds

A short, modern horror story

Wixards! (Physical) by Kestrel W

Wixards! is a ttrpg about turning your hyperfixations/special interests into hyperspecifc magic users. Generate random inventories! Design spells based on your area of expertise! Cause chaos!

Star Trapper (WIN) by Marshall Games

A game about selling space!

Berkeley is on a mission to save his sick mother. Her hospital bills are out of this world and in order to make the money, Berkeley must learn how to hustle! Travel the galaxy and sell drugs to save her! Explore each planet and find different ways to make money!

TV Magic (WIN) by Amar Ravi, Enrico Cortinovis, Gabriele Drago, Michael Cryne

A unique 2D/3D 'game within a game' where you use objects around you in 3D and play a puzzle platformer in 2D! Throwing things at your screen is finally THE way to play!

Greyroad (WIN) by Xenvex

A monochrome hack-n-slash where you traverse a fallen land to complete one last mission.


A Wheel Without a View (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by npckc & sdhizumi