Indiepocalypse 10

Indiepocalypse #10

Cover – Emmanuel Edeko
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

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The Last Quest (WIN/Linux) by SamberoDev

Games are violent and cruel. They teach nothing but killing people. The Last Quest is mostly about that, too. But hey, the more you kill the better weapons you get!

SWEETDOZER (WIN/MAC/Linux/Raspberry Pi) by t.k. dreck

a pico-8 game where you shove piles of sweets with a bulldozer.

Remember Mary (WIN/UBUNTU) by Edward Atkin, Mark Mauer

A squigglevision surrealist adventure with meaningful choices and multiple endings

Teeth Simulator (WIN) by Bodro

Chew on stuff, grow teeth, chew on more stuff, grow more teeth. Endless consumption awaits.

Budget Rate Stigmata (WIN/MAC) by Hero Robb

A game about giving up things, about changing perspectives, about the loss of self, about what we give up when we are confronted with things we don't understand.

Traitor Nightly (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Seth Alter

A board game that isn't about a board game. Interactive fiction that isn't about interactive fiction. Play against the grandmaster of "Traitor" (the most popular game in the Pharostine Empire). Listen to what they have to say. Maybe you'll ask different questions depending on the answers. Maybe... you'll play the game differently too.

Spare Parts: Episode 1 (WIN/MAC) by Sophie Rose

Spare Parts is an episodic visual novel series about Lucy's journey to reimagine herself, and her new friends who may or may not be robots. The arduous struggle to stay alive in a broken world reveals the true cost of pursuing happiness. The first episode reveals to Lucy that nothing in life will be as simple as she wishes it could be.

Asobi (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Team SolEtude

"You're a private taxi driver.
Tonight, you have to take a girl to a hotel.
But who is she?
And why is she going there?

Building Relationships (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Tanat Boozayaangool

Welcome to this cozy island where you find yourself as... a house? Explore the area, meet other buildings, go on a date, or... go fishing?

Broke Brodie (WIN) by Julie (Nhung) Le

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, right? Not for Broke Brodie. A short puzzle platformer with multiple endings! Inspired by 1930's cartoons and NES era games. Can you escape the murder factory?