The Pizza Pranks Indie Game Consignment Shop

Due date for all materials to be submitted for inclusion in the next event: ???



The general idea is that when I go to events, whether their small events like Hassle or large events like PAX East, I will set up a game shop and sell indie games on other developer’s behalf.

The idea is to print postcards with art for your game on the front and a redeemable code on the back. That way production costs are low and it is easy for me to travel with and display A LOT of games should I ever get A LOT of games. There will also be a looping trailer of all the games in the shop.

There is a one-time fee of $10 USD (per game if you wish to submit multiple games) to help cover printing and shipping but after that there are never any additional costs regardless of the event I’ll be attending or how long I run the shop.

The ONE important concession I must make in order to keep this sustainable, is that your payments will start after I’ve recouped the cost of printing. Which sounds bad (at least to me) but luckily postcards are very cheap! If your game costs like, $10 or more, you’ll start making money on the second (maybe even first?) game sold!

I’ll likely be doing initial print runs of 20 cards.

Once you’ve filled out the form, I’ll email you the payment info and simple contract. After which you’ll send me the game codes, postcard image, and a short gif/video (~5 seconds max) for the looping trailer.

Inclusion in this store is completely separate from inclusion in Indiepocalypse and you are fine to be in both. This store is also for in-person events only.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me at

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