Leave You Behind

Download Corin and Von are the latest in the line of the endlessly reincarnated lovers, Galaxia and Prince Xer. Traditionally, the two incarnates will meet, fall in love, and ultimately defeat the similarly reincarnated Lord Velt. Such is their destiny. Corin and Von are less than interested in each other though. They’re best friends of […]


Ape Papa

Download You are Ape Papa! Rescue your baby from the bad carpenter twins faster than the other Ape Papa. Dodge hammers! Don’t get burnt! If both papas fail to rescue baby in time, the one who gets the closest will be the consolation winner. Controls Player 1(Left): A: Move Left D: Move Right Space: Jump […]


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Magical Warriors of Summer

Magical Warriors is a game in progress that was originally created for the magical girl game jam. The game had players working together to get the most of their summer vacation while protecting their town from any invading monsters. The core concept is consistent but the game has two distinct versions. The original version made […]

Away in a Tower – MAGS

Away in a Tower April 2013 Made for MAGS for the theme “Spring Cleaning”.  The idea I had was that the player would start an adventure game in the middle with a bunch of useless inventory items or at least have no context for them. The only thing I really remember about making it is […]

MAGS – The Case of the Festival Filcher

 . Download March 2013 Made for the MAGS theme of I think “Sidekick”. A game about kids competitively solving mysteries. One day I hope to make a competitive adventure game where two actual people play against each other.

MAGS – Liars

Download October 2012 Made for the theme I can only assume was “Liars”. Looking back it turns out this was the very first MAGS entry I ever submitted. There isn’t much to play here as you just pick some simple choices a couple times until the game ends. I’m pretty sure I spent the majority […]

Ludum Dare – I Want to See Space

Download April 2013 I made this for one of my first (if not very first) Ludum Dare. The theme was minimalism, simplicity or something terrible like that. For the longest time I had no idea until some Giant Bomb live stream I had on in the background said something to the effect of “I want […]

MAGS – Groundhog

MAGSFeb Released Feb 2013 I think the theme for this month was Groundhog Day? I think I spent this month just trying to make a standard adventure game. If not, that’s definitely what it seems like I did. I don’t have much to say about this one.

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