Remember that you will die

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IMB Update

Now requires Xbox 360 controller or equivalent
Left Analog: Move
A: Swing sword/kill possessed enemy
X: Enter exit bodies
B: Hold shield
Y: Place shield

Made for Ludum Dare 30: Connected Worlds

A game based on the concept of controlling both your physical body and your ghost body, but not at the same time. I made a simple action adventure dungeon to try and create a small representation of possible mechanics.

-8 way movement
-Actions sequences with multiple enemies
-Challenging difficulty or perhaps relaxing casual fun time.
-Excessive overstatements in the Features list.
-At least one dragon to fight.
-Secret wizards that make never trust your surroundings.
-No sound makes it ideal for playing while watching tv, listening to podcasts, whatever.
-Upgrades that fill you with a real sense of accomplishment.
-Two intertwined and necessary styles of play keeps things varied.
-Helpful helping ghosts help new players play the game right.

Arrow Keys: Movement
Z: Stab sword
G: Enter/Exit body
X: ?????

Made in GameMaker.
Everything by Andrew Baillie (@PIZZAPRANKS)

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