Magical Warriors of Summer

Magical Warriors is a game in progress that was originally created for the magical girl game jam. The game had players working together to get the most of their summer vacation while protecting their town from any invading monsters. The core concept is consistent but the game has two distinct versions.

The original version made for the jam is a purely cooperative game where the players competed against a deck of random enemies and a timer. Social encounters were handled using a large assortment of decks. The game itself at a large element of randomness and limited player interaction. It was overall too similar to the board game Arkham Horror. And it was not so great version of it.  This version was prototyped, submitted to Boston FIG, and promptly rejected.

And you can play that version here.

The second (and current) version is currently being remade as a micro-RPG. The game now features a separate game master that helps guide players through game scenarios. Now instead of being  mostly a board game with roleplaying elements, the game is much more of a RPG-board game hybrid. The game reuses many elements of the original game but cuts out most of decks of cards, transferring their functionality to the game master.

This second version aims to condense the feeling of a roleplaying game into a single session. This will mostly be accomplished using basic RPG elements and mechanics and confining them within the space of a board. Currently it is an early prototyping stage and not available to download.


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