Ludum Dare – I Want to See Space



April 2013

I made this for one of my first (if not very first) Ludum Dare. The theme was minimalism, simplicity or something terrible like that. For the longest time I had no idea until some Giant Bomb live stream I had on in the background said something to the effect of “I want to see space”. Armed with the simple goal and Space Oddity, I began to make this game.

I guess the minimalism idea was that it was like an adventure or crafting game except you have all the stuff you’ll need and you just use one button to build. At some point it morphed into a mediation on doing creative work and my own insecurities. At least that’s what I assume/realized it was after the fact. I didn’t really plan it that way when I started. I just sort of started writing to fill space in the game and create context for the player. I’m fairly certain it’s my only complete story focused LD and my highest rated one too.

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