Leave You Behind


Corin and Von are the latest in the line of the endlessly reincarnated lovers, Galaxia and Prince Xer. Traditionally, the two incarnates will meet, fall in love, and ultimately defeat the similarly reincarnated Lord Velt. Such is their destiny.

Corin and Von are less than interested in each other though. They’re best friends of course, but romance is a complete non-interest. Fate as a way of sticking them together at very possible turn in hopes of forcing their love to form.

Unfortunately for Corin and Von, they are approaching the time in their incarnate lives where Galaxia and Xer first confess their love so the pull of destiny is especially strong. This also happens to be the night of their school’s Homecoming dance.

It’s up to you as Corin to make it through Homecoming without bending to will of destiny. Hey, maybe they could actually go with the people they actually like.

Made for

TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015!

Designed, written and coded by Andrew Baillie (@PIZZAPRANKS).

Character art by Gino Vasconcelos (@KiwMonsta).

Backgrounds are from TyranoBuilder, http://hellohello.dousetsu.com/free_material.html, andhttp://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~osumashi/free_bg.html.

Music from http://murasato.catfood.jp/bgm.php and DJ Rolfsky.

4 responses to “Leave You Behind”

  1. I was at the Homecoming and then Von showed up and then a second Corin appeared and started repeating dialogue from the beginning of the scene (and then the game froze up)… Did I break the Universe? And if so, does that mean I won? COOLEST ENDING EVER. http://imgur.com/0OcN4WX

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