Issue #11 Contributors

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Rafael Pimentel

Issue #11
Game: Escada Game Pack
Trade: Design, Pixel Artist

I’m a game’s development student, everyday trying my best, step by step.


Philippe Ricard

Issue #11
Comic: Giant Pet Rat
Trade: Illustrator and Comics Artist

Makes inky illustrations and comics. Loves goblins and chai tea. Also writes/draws Tabletop RPG stuff sometimes.

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Issue #11
Cover Artist
Trade: freelance illustrator/comics/merch maker

When not being a creaky bone cryptid and drinking far too much coffee and tea, you can find Michi tinkering away at creating comics, merch and illustrations and staying up late to wrangle projects together in hopes of capturing that little drop of hope and escapism to put into their work.

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Iori Branford

Issue #11
Game: Demonizer
Trade: Software development

Learning game design and production to challenge the world with my fantasies.

twitter, itch

Guilherme R. Ribeiro

Issue #11
Game: Escada Game Pack
Trade: Coding, design

Since from childhood, I liked games… a lot. Now I try to make them! Getting better at this with every game. It’s like climbing a staircase: step by step.

itch, twitter


Issue #11
Game: Gender Dysphoria
Trade: Code, SFX, Music

a chilled blend of thoughts from ethereal dreams

site, git, itch, bandcamp, patreon, twitter, twitch, soundcloud