Antholojam I: Intergalactic Ambassador

Play it here! Pay for it here! A game I made for the curated Antholojam I: Golden Age Sci-Fi. You play the role of an Intergalactic Ambassador tasked with screening incoming extraterrestrials for potential threats. But since it would be unsafe to let potential threats land, all communications must be done via long distance video […]


The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper The very first game I made for the monthly Adventure Game Studio contest. The theme was “fairy tales” so I decided to adapt the small scale story of The Ant and the Grasshopper. I’m still not sure how good the game is, if it is even enjoyable at all. I do think […]


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Exploration A

Exploration A A game made for AGS’s monthly forum contest. The theme was to adapt a work of fiction and I chose to adapt (a small part) of House of Leaves. My goal was to create a sense of confusion and disorientation that comes with being in uncertain surroundings. I ultimately kind of cheated when it […]

I’m Still Here

ImStillHere Created in Adventure Game Studio for the forum’s monthly contest. The theme, I believe, was Post Apocalyptic. The game itself was originally intended to be a cross between a visual novel and an open world survival game. The open world part is obviously non existent. It instead ends up being a short story that […]

Great Detective RPG

UPDATE: The game play has since been extensively worked on and is now in a state more closely resembling complete. The game currently may use the open GUMSHOE system. As it currently exists there are early character sheets but they are mostly untested so the sample Mysteries are written so that they do not require […]

Remember that you will die page Download IMB Update Now requires Xbox 360 controller or equivalent Controls Left Analog: Move A: Swing sword/kill possessed enemy X: Enter exit bodies B: Hold shield Y: Place shield Made for Ludum Dare 30: Connected Worlds A game based on the concept of controlling both your physical body and your ghost body, […]

All other games

A collection of every other game I have made up to this point that is at least semi-noteworthy. All of the games are available through the following link until I add them individually to the site.   GAMES

Indie Game Maker Contest: The Mansion on the Edge of Town

DOWNLOAD A small game made for the Indie Game Maker Contest made in RPG Maker. It’s a short (actually timed) RPG informed by my fascination with Laplace no Ma and Trail of Cthulhu. At the moment it is still possible to play and vote for the game in the Contest.

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